Introducing Open Measures – the smart way to benchmark performance

The developers of Analysis-One are pleased to announce the launch of a new application – Open Measures.
Open Measures is an online tool which gives business decision-makers the ability to easily assess the performance of multiple entities – such as a business divisions, branches, franchises, schools or individuals – relative to their peers over time. It provides a meaningful framework to measure performance in reference to peers and targets. Because expectations constantly change – and what was rated as good performance in the past may not be as impressive today – Open Measures allows for regular and timely repeat assessments.

Open Measures is designed to support mid‐market enterprises which are keen to keep a close watch on how their operations are performing.  This new application is a secure turn‐key offering deployed via the web as a ‘Software as a Service’ solution. It is simple, cost effective and data rich.


Sue‐Ella Prodonovich, Principal, Business Development Services, WHK Horwath Sydney, said the new software will allow everyone from CEOs and COOs to operational managers to better manage their businesses. “This product is perfect for companies with multiple operating parts – for example a franchise network, a firm with regional or State‐based branches or simply an organisation with a number of different divisions.”

“Management can use this software to track KPIs, compare targets, monitor trends and even identify high and low performing staff. ‘Open Measures’ really is an ‘operating dashboard’ for companies.”

“We believe ‘Open Measures’ is the best product of its type available on the market,” added Prodonovich. “Companies can now rank their performance via easy‐to‐view charts that will provide visual interpretation of how the business is tracking in comparison to peers. This will allow management to identify opportunities and risks more readily – and then refine strategy if need be to address any problems.”

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